Item 13

Item 13 finally takes place tomorrow! (Item 13 is the name of the party we are hosting tomorrow all the people who have served us in Ghana. )Tonight we prep-ed the vegetables for approximately 200 people and it took us 2 whole hours from first chop to the quick mop. I honestly cannot wait for all the excitement and festivities to begin! My job is to help Emmanuel in the kitchen and help greet guests as they begin to arrive. I will also be assisting with any activities we put on for the children of the Hovde house when they come to visit at noon! Tomorrow is going to be amazing!


Our favorite snack <3

After almost every meal for the past few weeks we have all sat together and enjoyed a bowl of old fashioned popcorn, or pop maize as they call it here. I absolutely love this tradition and love the camaraderie and the salty goodness even when I am full to bursting I can still eat popcorn. ❤ It brings us closer with Ghanaians too as it is easy to share and a great source of iodized salt. Win Win Win.

Where did the time go?

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Remember the blog about plans?  Those words were so very true.  Time slips away every day and plans morph.  Each day has been packed full of work, meetings, and outings.  Whether we have been gathering food for meals, engaging in service projects, doing laundry, etc., there is always something to do to keep busy.

With internet connectivity issues and power outages…please understand why the blog postings have been few and far between. For the sake of making note…here are a few things that happened over the past week – or so:

  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Painting of the Hovde House
  • Cooking, cooking, cooking
  • George Kweku Annan’s funeral
  • Carly and Issac’s Knocking ceremony
  • Meetings with the Minister (goods still stuck in Tema)
  • Frimps
  • Bimbidisms
  • Planning for “Item 13”

Perhaps some of the aforementioned items have intrigued you…if I have some more time, the internet works, the power is up, and…

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One week since my last post

One week since my last post and we only have 8 days left here. Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I got off the plane into the hot fog of evening in Accra and sitting here tonight I have a sinking pit in my stomach. I am not ready to leave this place. I have so much more I can help with. More people to make smile. I have just learned how to navigate the city and the people and situations and have gotten into a rhythm. But at the same time I am really missing my family and my best friends and Mack so my heart is torn. This is such a beautiful place. I vow that I will come back here, and before I do I will teach people about Ghana and what a need there is for support on all fronts to develop this magnificent country to its full potential. 

I have been so fortunate to experience everything I have on this trip. From the ins and outs of the Ghanaian Medical System, to a knocking (engagement), and everything inbetween. this trip really has been a catapult for showing and reassuring me that medicine is really what i want to do with my life and there is a need for the human aspect as well. I am going to use my last 8 days here to their full potential. Image


So it’s been 10 days…

So it’s been 10 days and I am slacking on my blog. Lots have happened and I’ve experienced a lot blah blah blah =P Tonight has been bug crazy and I am not really tired because of my two hour nap and completely flabbergasted that I only have 17 days left! I don’t want my time here to be done, but on the other hand I am really starting to miss my family and friends back home. 

Menu for the week of 15/7/2013

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***NOTE** * Recipes are not complete….will tweak later 🙂

On Monday morning, once everyone has left the compound for their various service sites, I will sit with Emmanuel and select a menu for the week. Everything is, of course, subject to change…but it is nice to have a food map of the week.  It allows for more productive trips to the market. Here is the menu we came up with for this week…I’ll work on getting additional photos of the food:


  • Tatal – ripe plantains are mashed and mixed with onions, garlic, and flour – then fried in palm oil and served with black eyed peas.


  • Chicken and Chips – marinate chicken in grated onion, garlic, and ginger (grill, bake, or fry). Chips are either prepared from potatoes or yams and fried. (Pictured below: Papaye’s chicken and chips)



  • Groundnut Soup & Rice Balls – mashed peanuts are…

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